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It is the philosophy of West Jordan High School that high school graduation ceremonies are designed to honor  graduates with commencement activities that are dignified, with a high level of decorum. We respectfully ask spectators and graduates to act accordingly.  Therefore, yelling, screaming, throwing things, blowing horns or similarly disruptive conduct is not appropriate graduation behavior.  The following information details the rules and procedures for graduation.


Thursday, June 1st, 2023 at 2:00 p.m. at the Maverik Center, 3200 S Decker Lake Dr, West Valley City, UT 84119

  • Graduates must arrive by 1pm. Enter the tunnels through the VIP entrance on the ground level on the south-west side of the building. (See map).

  • For the graduation ceremony, please come in your best dress: dress slacks, dress shirt, ties, dresses or dressy pant outfits, etc. Please no shorts or flip flops. BRING YOUR CAP AND GOWN (without wrinkles). You will not be able to participate if you do not have your cap and gown.

  • Graduates should not bring purses, backpacks, bags or other personal valuables to the graduation ceremony as there is not a place to secure them during the commencement ceremony.  Please leave cell phones at home or with a parent.

  • Appropriate behavior is expected during the ceremony.  Any student who acts otherwise can be removed from the graduation area and suspended pending a hearing at the district office. A diploma will not be issued to any student ejected from the ceremony that day.

  • Jordan School District Policy AA419 effective Graduation 2003:

“The graduation commencement ceremony is a formal and dignified in-person school sponsored activity which has significant meaning for graduates, parents, families, staff, and the community. The commencement ceremony, from the opening of the processional to the completion of the recessional, honors the collective achievement of the graduating class.

In order to maintain the dignity, decorum, propriety, and respect of the commencement ceremony, the following is expected of all participants:

  1. Conduct, dress and appearance is to adhere to the provisions in this policy and be appropriate for a ceremony of this nature.

  2. Graduates are expected to wear the prescribed cap and gown without decoration, additions, or alterations.

  3. Formal, semi-formal, or customary dress attire is appropriate for a commencement ceremony.

  4. Only school issued and approved tassels, sashes, pins, hoods, cowls, mantles, cords, insignias, or medals signifying achievement, honor, participation, membership, or recognition may be worn.”

  • In compliance with this policy, students should not wear corsages, leis (flower, candy, money), large beads or necklaces to the commencement, nor should they place any decorations, slogans or any additional accessories on their caps.

  • Family members may present their student with flowers, gifts and leis after the ceremony.    

  • Because participation is not required, it must be understood that students who choose to participate must adhere to these standards. Those who do not comply may be removed from the graduation ceremony.

  • Immediately following the ceremony, each senior will be directed where to go to turn in their gown and to pick up his/her diploma. Each graduate will keep their cap and tassel to remember their graduation.


  • Cameras will not be allowed at any time in the immediate area of graduate seating, in the processional line, or diploma presentation.  Pictures can be taken before and after the ceremony. Please note that graduation gowns will be turned in immediately after the graduation ceremony.

  • Professional photographers will take pictures of individual graduates receiving their diploma that may be purchased later. Bell Photography will contact the parents/guardians of each graduate via email with information about the portraits and how to order them. If you have questions, please contact Bell Photography at [email protected] or (801) 479-4624.


  • Tickets are not needed.  There is ample seating available at the Maverik Center for all who wish to attend.

  • Guest Seating will begin at 1 pm. All guests will need to pass through Maverik Center security/metal detectors. Large bags are discouraged as they take longer to inspect. Please anticipate this delay as you come to the event. Firearms and air horns are not permitted into the Maverik Center for this event.

  • Graduate names will be read quickly to accommodate time – please refrain from excessive cheering for your graduate, as this may prevent the next student’s name from being heard.

  • Parents, friends and family are welcome to congratulate their graduates with flowers and gifts AFTER the ceremony. We ask that all spectators remain seated until the ceremonies are over. 

  • Free parking is available at the Maverik Center. Traffic may be heavy so please plan accordingly.

    • Handicap accessible parking is available in the Maverik Center parking lots. These are best accessed from 3100 S, on the north side of their property. You can access 3100 S directly from Bangerter Highway, or Redwood Rd, but not from I-215. There is also overflow parking to the northeast (kitty corner) from Maverik Center.

    • DO NOT PARK IN the SPS lot across the street from Maverik. They will tow your vehicle, and they have security diligently checking their lot.

  • Only those students who have met the State and District graduation requirements are allowed to participate in the graduation. Seniors who are on suspension at the time of graduation will not be permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony. They will be allowed to pick up their diploma the following day.

  • Wheelchair accessible seating is available. Please ask the Maverik Center staff for assistance.

  • We will LIVESTREAM the commencement ceremony. Go to for the link.

Graduation is an exciting time for students and their families.  All of the information discussed above is intended to make this time as special as possible for all involved.  Thank you in advance for your help in these matters and congratulations to all graduating seniors!


James O.  Birch, Principal

Graduation Dress and Grooming

In order to maintain dignity and decorum at high school commencements, students participating in commencement exercises are subject to the dress and grooming standards articulated in Policy AA419 Student Conduct and Dress, item C, and must wear the prescribed cap and gown during the entire duration of the commencement program, from the opening processional to completion of the recessional, without additional ornamentation or decoration. Personal items such as clothing, accessories or jewelry, that draw undue attention or detract from the dignity and decorum of the occasion, shall not be allowed.  Mantles, cords, insignias or medals signifying achievement, honor or recognition are restricted to awards issued and approved for display at graduation by the local high school.

Behavior at Assemblies and Activities

Assemblies and activities shall be considered special student privileges where participation is contingent upon appropriate behavior. Students shall show respect to all performers. Students who disturb, disrupt, or show disrespect shall lose the privilege of attending and may be subjected to disciplinary action as outlined in Policy AS67—Discipline of Students.