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Academic Letter

West Jordan High School Academic Letter Grade Verification Sheet

Requirements for the Academic Letter Award are:

1st Letter: Three quarters of 3.7 as a WJHS student. 10th – 12th grade (There may be 1 quarter between that is not a 3.7) 2nd Letter: Must be three consecutive quarters of 3.7 GPA at WJHS 3rd Letter: Must be 3 three consecutive quarters of 3.7 GPA at WJHS

Application Process:

  1. Fill in your GPA you earned for each quarter.
  2. Please check the letter or letters you are applying for.
  3. Take this sheet to the register office for grade verification.
  4. Return the verified sheet to Mrs. Treacy room D-6.
  5. After your application is reviewed, you will receive a letter letting you know what you qualified for. During an activity on Thursday May 11th, at 2:30 in the media center you will receive your Certificate and Pin(s). Earning 3 Academic Letters makes you qualified to receive and wear 1 silver cord at graduation. The pins may also be worn on your graduation gown.

Awards for the Academic Letter:

Certificate for each Letter Pin for each letter:

1st Letter: Navy Blue Bar "ACADEMICS”

2nd Letter: Light Blue Bar “ACADEMICS”

3rd Letter: Black Bar “ACADEMICS”

You may purchase the blue and black “WJ” Academic Letter patch from Jostens.