Katrina Kennedy

Language Arts

This is my 6th year teaching and my 5th at West Jordan High. I graduated from West Jordan High in 2004 and I love that I get to be back here as a teacher. I've got 2 kids--a step-daughter, Eva (9th grade), and my son, Charlie (4th grade). We enjoy exploring the outdoors and movie nights at home with our old-man dog, Chunk, and our three cats--old-lady Josephine (Jo for short) and the babies, Harry Potter and Stephen King (yes, those are the cat's names). I am an avid reader and try to read about 50 books every year (I keep track through Goodreads) and I have an awesome home and classroom library that I have worked hard to create over the years. I am very passionate about education and love getting to know the amazing students at West Jordan High.


katrina.kennedy@ jordandistrict.org


Katrina Kennedy