School Community Council

Dear Parents of West Jordan High,


Due to our school being moved to virtual learning for two weeks, we rescheduled our first SCC meeting.  Our rescheduled date for our first meeting is Tuesday, October 27th.  We will get back to our Wednesday schedule for the rest of the year.   We hope to see you there.


Who is the School Community Council and what do they do? Every school must have a School Community Council (SCC) that consists of the principal, school employees and parents. The majority of members are parents. Parents represent parent perspectives on issues and decisions made by the council. Parents have input in the School Improvement Plan and in how the funds from the School LAND Trust Program will be spent. Parents have the majority vote.  

  •  Parents may bring issues of concern to the council seeking solutions. The council may choose to address them or recommend another group or entity better suited to implement solutions.  

  • The council may also create programs or projects to improve the parent, student & faculty school experience  

  • They may make recommendations to the administration of the school and district.  

Requirements: Members should be willing to attend the council meetings that are held four times during the year on Wednesdays at 5:00 PM.  Our meetings this year are scheduled October 27, November 18, January 27, and March 17.  Members of the council will need to agree to have their email and/or phone number published.   


How can I become involved? Please fill out the attached form and return it to the main office or email your Principal and state your desire to serve on the council.  Your membership will be established by your attendance at our first Council meeting on October 27, 2020.


October 27   Agenda-Minutes

November 18  Agenda-Minutes

January 27       Agenda-Minutes

March 17            Agenda-Minutes


State School Community Council 2020 Virtual Fall Training

information is available here.